Fairytales of Nanoparticles – IC Club Meeting

The club brings innovators, investors, start-ups, technology persons, policymakers, health experts and legal advisers under one large umbrella to be members and hold hands by sharing success stories and challenges and to incubate their ideas to take the dream and vision of India forward.

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Rotating night shifts may trigger Type 2 diabetes

If you work periodically on night shifts, it is more likely that you may develop Type 2 diabetics than those who only work during days.

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Stressful events can increase women’s obesity

Women who experienced one or more traumatic lifetime events or several negative events in recent years had higher odds of being obese than women who didn’t report such stress.

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Vitamin D deficiency – A ‘Silent Epidemic’

Due to adoption of urban lifestyles, vitamin D deficiency has reached epidemic proportions; 90% of patients we see are severely vitamin D deficient.

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Innovation for affordable – A medical device persepective

New technology and its implementation will be effective if only it contributes to bringing the cost of health and medical care at a reasonable level.

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In India where Fetal medicine is still an upcoming discipline, the pregnant women aren’t much aware about its scope from diagnosis to therapy.

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Brig (Hony) Arvind Lal is a pioneer in bringing laboratory services in India at par with the international world. He Read more