Aspirin to Aspiration

3 Facts that pushed an industry from ASPIRIN to ASPIRATION. How technology and innovation will drive the Pharma industry?

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Artificial Intelligence Coming Big Way in Healthcare Sector

Artificial intelligence has already found several areas in healthcare from the design of treatment plans to assist in repetitive jobs to medication

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Young Innovators Award 2018

InnoHEALTH is back with the third segment of “Young innovators award 2018”. The theme of this year’s conference is “Inspiring moonshots in healthcare”.

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Innovation is the New Buzz Word

Innovation has become buzz word for every sector and similarly next buzz would be Hackathon, many without knowing meaning of these words tend to use it to show their updated knowledge.

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Keeping hospitals in the best of health

Hospitals will remain at the core of healthcare and with good quality medical facilities limited to corporate hospitals or a few of the government run large hospitals, altering the health map of the country has to start from the hospital premises.

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Dr. Sanjiv Kumar is MBBS and MD from AIIMS, New Delhi, DNB in MCH and MBA in Strategic Management. He Read more