A Consequence of Modern Day Living – Burnout

It is widely known that burnout is closely linked with stress, but it is much more than simply being tired, and it is often the case that the seriousness of

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Does Yoga and Chanting of Prayers Provide Serenity

Does Yoga and Chanting of Prayers provide serenity, intrinsic motivation, and a feeling of eternity beyond the boundaries of the ego? The answer is YES.

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Foreign Tourists Rallying for Healthcare

A film on Medical Tourism has been produced in association with BBC and is used at various fora for promotional purposes.

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Yoga Mojo Going Viral – Meditation in India

For ages, we are taught to practice yoga and meditation in India and people do that at many places and Read more

Insomnia – A Short Communication Study

Insomnia is related to sleep physiological and cognitive arousal which interferes with sleep. The more an individual strives to sleep, the more frustration builds. The more impairs sleep. It is also associated with other psychological complaints like fatigue, boredom decreased energy and mood disturbances.

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Here, 10 women offer up their screwball techniques for de-stressing in a pinch.

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