The Innovative Turning and Moving System

TurnAid founded in 2014, has developed the turning and moving system TurnAid, which is a unique combination of an electrically driven turning sheet and two bed rails. TurnAid is both designed and produced in Denmark.

TurnAid is developed to optimise the situations in relation with care of, moving of, and bed solutions for persons with severe physical disabilities in hospitals, institutions, or their own home. TurnAid improves the working environment just as it increases the safety and the dignity of the work with and the stay in care beds as turning and moving of persons become easy and discrete.

In “stand by” mode, the turning system is set in a low position, where the care needed is not only shielded by the safety of the bed rails but the person is also placed in an ethical and dignified position with a free view to the surroundings.

TurnAid handles persons with a weight up to 200 kg and does so with maximum consideration to the care needed and the staff.

TurnAid is easily mounted on most care beds as it comes with a built-in universal fitting together with length and width adjustment. This enables TurnAid to comply with the Medical Directive’s strict demands to the area.

Benefits of TurnAid:

For the user/patient:

• Bed rail you can look out of
(not like laying in a coffin)
• Bed rail you can hold on to
• Gentle turning and moving

For the caregiver:

• Reduces careres form 2 to 1 (it only takes 1 person to turn/move the patient, normally it takes 2)
• Easy and simple to operate
• Easy to move the patient from side to side to reduce working distance (good for the back) and easy to turn the patient on the side
• Possible to mount 1 or 2 foot control
• Easy to change sheets
• The lower position of the bed can still be used, also on extra low beds

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