Webinar on 8th Feb: Health Information Exchange – Digital Health – Tamilnadu Casestudy

Complimentary Webinar Organized by InnovatioCuris on “Health Information Exchange – Digital Health – Tamilnadu Case Study

Thursday 8th Feb 2018 (5:30 PM- 6:30 PM) IST

In this webinar we will discuss:  A case study from Tamilnadu on digital health, about health information exchange.

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About the Speaker:

Our expert for this webinar is Mr M Arumugam, Managing Director, Broadline Technologies Private Limited.

Mr Arumugam has over thirty years of experience in the technology industry in the areas of supply chain management, health care, retail, energy and systems for various governments and large enterprises. His work on Health Supply chain for governments has been replicated globally and widely appreciated by The World Bank and WHO.

Founded Broadline Technologies Private Limited (BTPL) and build into a premier player in domestic and International markets currently employs over 300 professionals working from India, USA and Middle East. He was awarded the prestigious Indian Prime Minister’s E-Governance Award for successful innovation in the year 2000.

• M. Tech from IIT, Chennai with speciliazation in Electrical engineering
• MBA Systems
• Ph D from to Toronto University in Artificial Intelligence
• Ph D in Supply chain management from Madras University

Visiting Professor:
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Zaragoza Logistics Centre, Zaragoza, Spain
• Centre for Robotics and Neural Science (CRNS)|Plymouth University, UK.
• Member of the board of the Tamil Chair, Harvard University

Moderator: Dr V K Singh, MD, InnovatioCuris

We look forward to have you. We have limited seats on first come first serve basis.

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