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InnoHEALTH Magazine – Volume 4 issue 3


The volume 4 issue 3 of this magazine focuses on

  1. Truth of AI & IoT in healthcare
  2. Indian healthcare roadmap
  3. Effects of mobile phones on child’s health
  4. Hacking patient’s sensitive data

and many more diverse topics related to the healthcare sector. 
This issue held the interview of

  • Jeffrey D Sachs, Professor and Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University

InnoHEALTH Magazine, incorporated as a wing of InnovatioCuris in 2016, is a quarterly magazine focusing on healthcare innovations. For 4 years, InnoHEALTH Magazine has produced and curated over 350 articles in various fields of healthcare innovations. Its advisory and editorial board is spread across 5 continents making the dream of innovations in healthcare to be showcased onto a single platform a reality.

InnoHEALTH Magazine caters to over 50 host platforms online and offline and reaches over 43000 stakeholders in the healthcare sector.

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