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Innovation – The Current Frontier
Sandipan Gangopadhyay is President and COO at GalaxE.Solutions, Inc. He has spent over two decades in high-profile roles in both Pharmaceutical and Information Technology companies around the globe, including designing and implementing innovative bulk drug manufacturing processes based on gravity feed, inventing fault tolerant operating systems and setting up one of India’s first private Software Technology Parks. He is a member of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, and is certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT. He brings his passion for innovation and truly revolutionary technology helping people live healthy and forever.


Innovation is in our DNA. It always has been. In creating new antibiotics. In the automobile. In nuclear power. Just think about the pace of innovation in the past 100 years; with individuals born into a horse and buggy era living to see a man walk on the

moon, through the clouds. That pace of advancement is only increasing in the world of information technology – into the cloud.


Does IT Drive the Most Innovation Today?

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Indeed, it is truly revolutionary. Never mind 100 years. How about the past Ten? Five? Two? The Internet, social networks, complex solutions for managing healthcare have been revolutionary. Innovation, especially in the IT space, is key to bringing economic growth, enhanced lifestyles, education and overall improvements in human growth, health and advancements. And, perhaps nowhere is that more important or challenging than in the healthcare space.

Just consider the goal, demands and what ultimately is at stake. First, costs are mounting. Increasing governmental regulations play a large part in that dynamic but there are others considerations as well: litigation; insurance; and expensive research into new medicines. Then, there is the very long, very complex delivery chain involved – from doctors to insurance companies to PBMs (Pharmacy Benefit Management) – with everyone taking their cut – and new regulations pushing for every item to be serialized

in every step of the way – that ultimately has to deliver the right medicine to the right person at the right time. The task has never been more daunting.

To be sure, technical innovation is managing the health of our nation and that of the world. So, how do you get desired physical outcome without breaking the bank? It requires a unified, orchestration of innovation in the business transaction processes. The best deals are applied; the best contractor applies; the best network – pharmacy network, prescriber network – apply. The best formularies are used; the best service providers are rewarded; more service providers are incentivized to become better. And, orchestration of such innovation needs to happen with delivery methodologies for new drugs; how they are invented; how they are commercialized in the marketplace.


How Can IT Innovations Drive Better Health?

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Ultimately, all of these areas and considerations must be scrutinized and analyzed, in particular through new IT automation, in order to decipher the correct solutions that then must be well-coordinated and properly managed. Every situation is different. There

are no templated answers. Only areas to be contemplated and acted upon to enable the best medicines, healthcare benefits and final outcomes for individuals and those who serve them.


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