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Two audible vibrations devices to heal stress led diseases
98% of all Degenerative Diseases such as depression, heart ailments, weight fluctuations, hormonal imbalances and sexual disorders are caused by Stress

Swartantra, a digital health startup was founded to make first of its kind audible vibration devices using a very unique combination of ancient spiritual science and modern technology to create a better everyday life for people by making oneself healthy mentally, emotionally, physically and at the soul level. In this endeavor Swartantra recently announced the launch of Moksha and Siddham, two audible vibration devices to heal stress led diseases. The devices are made using Swartantra technology based on sound vibrations which is amongst one of the oldest healing modalities. The products work directly on the central nervous system.

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This breakthrough technology ‘SWARTANTRA’ aims to manage a happier and healthier existence of one self. SWARTANTRA is a device that combines spiritual world with modern science. It eliminates the stress from one’s daily life and brings relaxation to the body. Its unique vibrations soothe the body, mind and soul by building positive energy every time the device is used. One can use this technology through the two devices Moksha and Siddham.

The device signifies the startup’s aim to pioneer a new category of digital health: Audible Vibrations. Swartantra is the perfect mix of faith and technology. The vibrations are positive, natural, and therapeutic. The science behind it is the customization of vibrations by sharing the place of birth of an individual because the place of birth helps identify the latitude and the longitude making the vibration of this place extremely specific. Similarly, date of birth, time of birth and their present location helps in singling out what vibration works best for the person. This vibration is a permutation and combination of many healing vibrations that suit one by targeting the pituitary gland that releases both positive and negative hormones. The vibrations help regulate the flow of hormone in pituitary gland and thereby providing a complete and thorough attunement of body, mind and spirit.

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