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The main concept behind the Innovation Pitches session was to enable innovative companies with the right to advise and linkages. Some of the top experts from Indian health sector listened to the company presentations and shared with them their feedback on how the companies should work on their goto market plan. The companies represented were a mix of Indian and European companies.

The companies who pitched and the expert panel were:
Companies Pitching:
● DocOnline Health India Pvt. Ltd.
● EMPE Diagnostics
● HealthCubed India Private Limited
Expert Panel:
● Adarsh Sharma, Financial Expert
● Sohini Mandal, Lawyer
● Nidhi Gani, Regulatory Expert
● Dr Vidur Mahajan, Industry leader
● Vishal Gandhi, Investment banker
● Dr Ravi Gaur, Industry leader
● Kshitij Chaudhary, Investment facilitator

Ajit Nair, DocOnline Health India Pvt. Ltd presented A Doctor Consultation Platform. Their core product offerings include – Last mile Clinical Delivery Platform/E Clinic Solution. They also enable a Clinical marketplace for their customers. DocOnline Health provides Doctor Consultation via video/audio and chat. Our Product is a secure platform ensuring data privacy. Provide Electronic Health Records for our customers. Doctor Consultations are provided in multiple regional languages. Flexible platform to derive clinical insights and Artificial Intelligence.

Pawan Asalapuram – EMPE Diagnostics presented his EMPE’s indigenous, customized test kits that can provide YES/NO answer in 60 min by developing visual signals and provides reliable clinical information already during the first contact point between the doctor and the patient. Our affordable tests are designed to operate even in resource-limited clinical laboratories, including medical camps.

Sridhar Ramanathan, HealthCubed India Private Limited has enabled better diagnosis for a patient by creating an ecosystem comprising of a multi-parameter point of care device operated with an easy to use the software on a mobile platform. It can screen for Vitals, Non Communicable diseases, and infectious diseases. It can expand the number of tests from 24 today to 65 based on user needs. Data is instantly backed-up in the cloud for further analysis.

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