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At the outset, I wish all our innovator community best wishes and exciting New Year 2018. At our end, we continue to add value through our knowledge activities of InnovatioCuris (IC). An international conference will be organised on October 5 & 6 2018. We also continue to arrange webinars, training, IC club meetings, magazine publication and launch of new initiatives like security audit of healthcare facilities. We have already published two books in the U.S.A. First being “Innovations in Healthcare Management: Cost-Effective and Sustainable Solutions” in 2015 which has been adopted by Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and University in UK as a reference book. It has now special Indian edition as well. The second is “Planning and Designing Healthcare Facilities: A Lean, Innovative, and Evidence-Based Approach” published in October 2017. We bring global leaders to our platform and share experiences to benefit all. We thank our members for continuous support to take all initiatives to the next level. We have already partnered with many credible organisations to work together.

As developed economies enter a period of slower growth, emerging economies such as India have become prime examples of how more can be achieved with less. We need to share best global practices to optimise healthcare delivery cost and can reduce concerns of patients and yet keep high degree of quality. We impart knowledge through various medium and presents new concepts, methods and tools to achieve low cost, high volume solutions that improve access to patient care by better understanding of transforming healthcare through innovations. Our focus is grass root innovation to benefit have nots by organising resources and flow to achieve with available resources. It also covers non-traditional ecosystems of innovation outside of pure technology, such as social persuasion, rural health delivery, exploitation of economies of scale, prevention oriented primary care, medical education, and hospital design.

The ecosystem is very conducive for innovations right now, with growing number of start-ups and open mindset. We should take advantage of the new initiatives launched by the government like Startup India, Make in India, Standup India, Skill India and many more to take innovations to logical conclusion. The government has created enough funds to support. Innovators should take advantage of these schemes to fulfil their mission. To make members aware of funding opportunities, a workshop was conducted in the last club meeting by experts evaluating such proposals. We have very vibrant website; it has videos, webinars, conference and magazine articles. It would be worth visiting our website at www.innovatiocuris.com and magazine website is http://innohealthmagazine.com

We would be happy to get your views and feedback. The healthcare delivery is a holistic approach, which requires integrating all stakeholders of varied fields and discipline. It is a team work to develop and scale up new innovations and we are committed to bring best global resource under one roof to benefit the community.

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