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Dr. Avantika Batish compiled some new innovations in healthcare, SOMNOX-A sleep robot, SUPERMEAT, BABYGOGO and Portable Bionic Hand


The Startup raises $ 3 million Supermeat is developing lab made chicken meat and is working on the meat making process which involves extracting cells from a chicken and feeding right nutrient to produce muscle and fat. The start up has recently raised $ 3 million in seed funding.

Somnox – A sleep robot

A sleep robot has been developed by a Netherlands based startup Somnox, which it claims can improve a user’s sleep through its breathing rhythm. The technology makes the pillow like device fall and rise which provides the user with a breathing sensation. The device can help one fall asleep effortlessly, get back to sleep if one wakes up inthe middle of the night and helps one feel safe while sleeping. The app connected device can also play the sound of heartbeats and music which automatically turns off after the user falls asleep.

Portable bionic hand

It mimics the sense of touch in case of an amputate hand Europe based scientists have developed the first portable bionic hand that mimics the sense of touch in case of an amputate hand. The prosthetic hand has sensors to detect whether an object is soft or hard. The computer processed information is relayed to the brain via electrodes implanted in the upper arm.


A Delhi- based child healthcare, Babygogo, startup founded by Siddharth Ahluwalia, Sowrabh N.R.S. and Satyadeep Karnatiin 2016, offers childcare help and medical advice to mothers. It allows parents to connect with paediatricians.  The startup provides advice, across a range of child care issues, from experienced moms and medical practitioners through its mobile app.

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