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A new technology that promises enhanced vision clarity

An increasing number of studies and toxicological evidence shows that burning of solid fossil fuels is associated with cataract forma- tion. Harmful environmental toxic compounds cause “ocular irrita- tion” or irritation in the eyes. Un- refined cooking oil when burned under high temperature emits ben- zene and formaldehyde. The toxic air results in trachoma, glaucoma and cataract.But various viable and effective technological alternatives are now available for cataract patients.

Intraocular lenses (IOLs) replace the natural eye lenses after cata- ract surgery for enhanced vision. Previously through conventional multifocal lenses, the quality of vision would get reduced due to division of light. These lenses re- portedly caused high incidences of halos and glare, which are bright rings and sharp light which in- terferes with vision, and the fre- quent need of wearing glasses did not completely fulfill the purpose of getting the lenses implanted In recent times, technological ad- vancement made significant im- provement making it possible for patients to resume a completely normal life post cataract surgery with nearly perfect vision.

On the other hand, a new technology known as ERV IOL commended as the next revolution in eye care gives a perfect balance of contrast, light, near, far and even intermediate vision.

Doctors are constantly underlining the utter need for awareness around eye care. Regular checkups, especially for diabetic patients are imperative. ERV IOL promises to be the next revolution in eye care and providing respite from eye ailments.

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