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India is experiencing a decline in fertility due to many reasons like adverse lifestyle habits, pollution, delayed conception and so on. There is a growing awareness that men’s reproductive health issues also contribute to infertility. Also, the doctors here believe that there is a profound need for a device like YO in India which can be made available to as many couples as possible to make their journey to parenthood a reality.

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So, to address the problem of male testing and to eliminate the stressful public nature of male sperm analysis, Medical Electronic Systems (MES), a Los Angeles based technology company developed the YO Home Sperm Test Kit and recently launched it in India which is first of its kind video-based smartphone platform that is FDA approved.

The device is used to determine motile sperm concentration (the number of moving sperm) which is a critical factor in determining male fertility. The device has 97% accuracy and provides consumers the ability to both view and measure the number of motile sperm in their sample on their phone and from the comfort of their home. The cause of infertility is equally shared by men and women.

Approximately 40% of the problem is a female factor and 40% a malefactor with the remaining 20% unexplained or a combined problem between the man and the woman. Yet, many times, the initial focus of a fertility assessment is on the woman and the man may not be tested until a full female workup and treatment are unsuccessful, which could take a year or more. This delay in testing the male side of an infertile couple, plus the fact that couples are postponing having children until their 30’s places the couple at greater risk of being childless and substantially increases their anxiety about conceiving.

YO test is both an accurate and private home test that provides a precise assessment of moving sperm concentration (MSC). Testing moving sperm is critical in a home test because, with a clear video to back it up, the results allow the man to approach the doctor with clear evidence of a problem. The simple, step-by-step app can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play or the App Store.

The YO Clip (a mini-microscope) is supplied in the kit with all the supplies required to run two tests on your Smartphone. The app is easy to follow and takes the user through step-by-step interactive screens and instructional animations to ensure a smooth, easy to- understand and secure testing experience with accurate results. There is also humor built into the Sperm Trivia Challenge, which is designed to interact with the user during the sample preparation wait time. The Test results are reported within minutes along with a video of the sperm. This provides both instant test results requiring no interpretation and a “wow” factor when the tester sees his sperm in action.

YO test is critical for indicating male fertility potential and with the results already in hand, any male can walk into a Doctor’s clinic with the reduced stress of facing additional testing and can sign up for further treatment. The Test kit is sold online through the YO website or through Amazon for about INR 1990. It is delivered in a plain box for confidentiality.

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