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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD) is a chronic inflammatory condition of the lungs causing obstructed airflow from the lungs (previously known as Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema). Most common symptoms are chronic cough, sputum production, and breathing difficulty. Risk factors for COPD are smoking, indoor air pollution (biomass fuel used for cooking and heating), outdoor air pollution and occupational dust and chemicals (vapors, irritants, and fumes).

COPD is the fifth leading cause of death as per World Health Organisation 2002 report and likely to be the third leading cause by 2030. It is not only deaths, but the financial burden on individuals and the countries is huge. Regular follow-up with the doctor and taking medication regularly is one part.

Non-pharmacological interventions (Pulmonary rehabilitation) which are useful in the management are:

  • Smoking cessation- most important, it helps in a further decline of lung function and symptom improvement
  • Diet- those with high BMI (body mass index) increased work of breathing – should lose weight. Those with low BMI-with reduced muscle mass will have a weakness: nutritional supplementation advised
  • Exercise- increasing muscle strength, breathing techniques – such as Pranayama are proven to be helpful
  • Occupational safety- strategies aimed at reducing the burden of inhaled particles and gases
  • Vaccination- flu vaccination and pneumococcal vaccines help in reducing exacerbation of COPD

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