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Discover clinical research in region Västra Götaland in Sweden: Home to cross-boundary collaboration and cutting-edge research

In Sweden, six healthcare regions collaborate to facilitate for industry and academia to conduct clinical research. Each region has established a coordinating center offering professional resources. Read about Indo-Swedish Collaboration

The region of Västra Götaland in Sweden is one of the twenty fastest growing European regions. Both traditional industries and new research and technology sectors enjoy a strong position here – not least because of the frequent collaboration between them.

The cooperative environment and prominent clinical research have contributed to the development of life science in the region of Västra Götaland. The region is home to one of Europe’s largest university hospitals (the Sahlgrenska University Hospital) and cutting edge research in biomedicine and the natural sciences, and a strong research based industry. Amongst other researchers, the late Per-Ingvar Brånemark revolutionized modern dentistry with the discovery that titanium could fuse into bone as well as AstraZeneca R&D. Read about The Swedish Solution to a Global Challenge

In region Västra Götaland, Gothia Forum serves as a single point of entry and helps find the appropriate resources to successfully conduct clinical trials in the region. The organisation is part of a large ecosystem including state-of-theart infrastructure andcutting-edge life science research. Gothia Forum aims to strengthen and improve the collaboration between healthcare, academia and industry to strengthen clinical research.

Gothia Forum functions as a meeting point and voluntary resource for everyone working with clinical research in the region and offers services throughout the entire research process such as project management, feasibility, biobanking, legal advice and quality support.

The organisation consists of four units: Research Support Office, the Clinical Trial Center, Primary Care Trial Center and Organisational development, administration and strategic support. Apart from own resources, Gothia Forum has a wide network, and works as a point of contact for those looking for research resources or specialistcompetencies in the region.

Gothia Forum is the result ofa collaboration between the University of Gothenburg, the researchindustry (represented by AstraZeneca, MSD, Pfizer, and Swedish Medtech), Sahlgrenska University Hospital (among other hospitals in the region) and Chalmers Universityof Technology.

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Dr. Alessio Degl’ Innocenti is an Associate Professor in Psychology and Head of Department at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden. He is associated with the Gothia Forum for clinical research. He graduated with a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Gothenburg in 1998, with a thesis on memory functioning in aging and depression.

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