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Tinnitus, or ringing years as it is commonly called, isn’t a condition itself. It is a symptom that associates with perception of noise or ringing in the years.
Globally, around 7 per cent of the population is suffering from tinnitus. It is very difficult for a person who hears continuous sound in ear without any sound present in the environment. This can highly interfere with our daily lifestyle. Tinnitus can affect people of any age ranging from 10 – 90 years. Nowadays tinnitus is seen more in youngsters due to their continuous exposure to loud music. This leads to reduced concentration towards studies, along with other symptoms like head heaviness, ear heaviness, vertigo, noise irritation, sleeping disturbance, etc.
An innovative therapeutic device offers assessment and therapeutic solution that aims to alleviate the perception of unwanted sound completely. This device is capable to give instant relief that improves a patient’s day-to-day lifestyle and other symptoms like concentration and sleeping pattern. It must be used for 6-8 months due to the long existence of tinnitus which is around days, months or years. This innovative tinnitus treatment can be done clinically as well as remotely. Both ways patients get relief. About 4000 patients of tinnitus have been provide relief with this innovative methodology. The procedure involves providing customized algorithmically modified therapeutic sound via medicated earphones for 20–45 minutes for 2–3 times a day in the affected ear. The results are highly reduced in tinnitus and give instant relief. Regular follow- ups are done on weekly basis as needed. The results reveal the success rate of up to 90 per cent.
How the Therapy Started?
Due to the lack of a proper therapeutic solution for tinnitus, the quality of life of patients worsens day-by-day due to continuous unwanted sound in ears and head. Even medications are of not much help to an extent. The innovation came into existence keeping in mind the observations and need of the patients. It is called as husband and wife innovation or MedTech innovation.

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Soniya Gupta is a qualified audiologist and speech therapist. She has cured more than 1000 patients with speech, language & tinnitus problems.

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  • Kamal Chandra Dutta says:

    I am having mild tinnitus for last 5 years and now noise has increased. I need this innovative treatment for significant reduction of tinnitus noise online. Thank you.

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