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COVID 19 virus has become such a nightmare in every individual’s life. Everyday media coverage, increasing mortality and now the increasing frustration of being at home has made people wonder what more does this pandemic have in store. But people have forgotten that it only is physical distancing and not mental distancing. Connecting with your loved ones was never included in social distancing. People realised that quite late in the pandemic and this lead to an increase in anxiety and confusion.

A person’s parasympathetic system which is meant for long-term survival acts on the body when it is in a relaxed state. Therefore at the peak of anxiety if one is good at controlling your mind and making your body relaxed then one may easily conquer this anxiety. There are several ways to do so, some of which are enlisted as follows-

  1. Guided relaxation – Only 5 minutes of guided relaxation while watching a video or listening to an audio, helps reduce the stress levels considerably.
  2. Cut down on Watching the News- Limit your news intake, yes one does need to know about current affairs but limiting or fixing a time for it is mandatory.
  3. Exercise- No, one does not need to go the gym. Just a 30 minute home workout which include dancing, walking, yoga could help vanish the Pandemic blues.
  4. Do an activity you did in childhood – Even if you are not an artist, just take those colours, brushes and paint. It helps your neurons to fire and distract you. Sing your favourite songs or listen to music, anything that makes one happy. Happiness releases endorphins which acts as a stress extinguisher.
  5. Invest time in online courses- World’s very famous universities like Stanford, Harvard to name a few have introduced free courses in multiple streams. Why not learn new things and develop one’s personality.
  6. Have a game night with your family- Not only will it bring happiness to you but also your family and secretly you will be reducing their anxiety too.
  7. Do that little bit – Invest a little in NGO’s or other organisations that helping the less privileged during this tough times. The amount of self -satisfaction one gets by doing their little bit is unmatchable.
  8. Practice gratitude- Yes the pandemic has hit everyone hard but all those daily wage workers who are losing out on their wages are fighting a difficult battle to make their ends meet!

Even though the Pandemic has put a sudden brake to your daily activities it also has given you the opportunity to spend time with your family, ponder on things important for your life, give time for self-growth. So the next time you feel that urge of leaving the house because you are frustrated of being at home, remind yourself that you are a warrior too by being at home and keeping not only yourself but also others safe. Curb the itch of going outdoors by giving your brain an itch and then you will never feel those blues. Remember restrictions are being eased gradually but the virus has not left us, so let us be safe at home and enjoy too.

Hello, I am Dr. Shivani Vakilwala, M.B.B.S and Diabetes Educator. Currently working as a Medical Officer performing medical examination of sea farers and other candidates that go overseas.I have a passion for writing especially articles that help others live a healthy lifestyle. I am a writer and Social media manager at the quarterly medical magazine – LEXICON. My aim is to spread awareness and also improve well being in a more holistic manner.

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