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Every new year people think that this year they will leave alcohol or smoking or join gym or delete fast food from their diet and many other things. But the main problem is to keep on those resolutions, especially when you have to keep a healthy resolution because it requires more strictness to follow.

One can come up with any resolution, the main thing is that you have to stick to your health resolution. So, here we are at InnoHEALTH Magazine to help you with your new year health resolution.

Here are some 10 health resolutions which you can follow in 2020 to make this year more joyful and healthy:

1. Eat more healthy food


Yes, this can be on your 2020 resolution list to stay healthy. You can start by adding healthy food items to your meal and removing too much fast food from your diet. This will help you a lot to increase your health and if you are fat or skinny by any chance then you can even come up with a diet plan to maintain your body shape.

And it is pretty easy to understand that healthy food provides good nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to your body which keeps you energetic whereas fast food just introduce your body too bad fat and unhealthy substances.

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2. Resolute to leave a bad habit

Stop bad habits

This can be a hard one because bad habits are often very hard to leave, more reason why you should resolute to leave a bad habit this new year. This can be a great step towards your health if you leave a bad habit like drinking too much alcohol or smoking or eating too much unhealthy food or any such habit which causes harm to your health. This resolution surely will test your caliber of control over your body and willpower but if you succeed then this will result in a considerable change in your good health and better lifestyle.

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3. 30 minutes daily walk

30 minutes of walk

If you are too busy to join a gym or to follow an exercise plan then the best thing you can do is take a 30-minute walk in a day which will help you a lot to stay healthy. It may not sound like a big deal to take a 30 min walk but it affects your body in a good way by increasing your body activity and heart rate. It will also help your lower muscles to be in shape and habitual of walking long. This will help you improve your digestion.

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4. Stay away from social media

Stop using social media

One reason for bad health in today’s world is using technology too much. We use to give a lot of our important time to social media. Yes, social media can help you to stay up to date but nowadays everyone is addicted to social media which is as bad as the addiction of alcohol or smoking. Continuous use of phones causes damage to your eyes. So, you should make a resolution this year to stay away from social media.

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5. Take proper sleep

Take proper sleep

Taking proper sleep is directly related to your health. In the past few years, we have developed a new habit of going to bed late. We used to do different things at that time that we should be giving to our sleep which is a big reason for health issues. The human body requires a good sleep to work properly and sleep is the time when our body heals itself. So, giving your body a proper sleep can increase your health and will also make you feel refreshed. Dedicating a certain hour to your body for sleep is a good resolution to make this year.

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6. A full body checkup

body checkup

Even if you are working just fine you should still arrange an appointment for a full body checkup. This will help you not only to keep a track of your health records but also to make sure that you are not in danger with any secret illness or disease. This will also help you to clear any ill thoughts about your health and also make you feel relieved that you are just fine and have nothing to worry about.

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7. Daily exercise

Regular exercise
It is common fact that daily exercise is very important and beneficial for health because exercise helps you to maintain your health in many ways like

  •  controlling your weight
  •  reducing risk of heart disease
  •  burning RFM(reserve food material) in your body
  •  Improving your mental health and mood
  •  Increases your physical abilities
  •  maintains your body mass index

and many more things. This is not an easy resolution to follow but this is the most effective one and this year for a change and for your better health make this resolution.
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8. Create a timetable


One of the most common resolutions many people come up with is to create a time table for their daily activities. Creating a timetable means organizing your task and giving each task a specific time which will help you to keep track on your health activities and never forget any of your exercise routine. Following a time table also helps you to improve your mental health and makes you more punctual and responsible. Start with making a task book or by creating a timetable for just a day and follow it, by completing small tasks you will develop a sense of achievement. Creating and following a timetable is a good resolution to follow.

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9. Plan outdoor activities

Committing with an outdoor activity can help you recreating your present lifestyle and improves your mental, physical, social and intellectual skills. Those who spend more time in outdoor activities become happier and tend to learn new skills. It helps to boost your creativity. You have many different things and experiences to explore when you choose to go for an outdoor activity. You can choose any activity like climbing, river rafting, playing football out of unlimited options. So, make sure you plan at least one outdoor activity this year.

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10. Commitment towards your resolution

Commitment towards your resolution

One of the best health resolutions is to keep committed to your resolution that you have made for your health because many people come up with different kinds of health resolutions every year but are failed to follow because of some reasons. So, you can make a resolution to stay committed to your resolution. Whenever you feel that you may leave your health resolution make sure you remember this resolution, which is to stay committed to your health resolution. This is the most important resolution to follow this new year to complete your health resolution.


Every year almost 45% of the people make some kind of health resolution, but only 3% of them are able to achieve their goals rest of the people abandon their resolution. So, the most important thing is to follow and complete your resolution.
Happy and Healthy New Year

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