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Dementia is the most common disability and dependency in older people world over. India alone has nearly 53 lac elders suffering from dementia which makes it number 2 in the world as far as the caseload is concerned and Karnataka itself has 3 lac such cases. The forecast is that India’s Dementia and Alzheimer’s burden will reach nearly 7.5 million by the end of 2030. Despite the prevalence of  such a number of cases only a tiny fraction of them are formally diagnosed and treated. Taking care of one’s mental health is still considered a stigma in Indian society and sadly by most Indians memory loss is considered as an unavoidable part of ageing rather than a degenerative disease that must be looked into and treated just like any other medical condition. So to cater to such group of suffering elders, a Geriatric Care specialist, KITES Senior Care has launched an exclusive, super-specialised Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care Centre in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The facility is located in HBR Layout in North Bengaluru, headed by a team of well trained and highly specialised medical experts. The state of the art facility has Superior rooms, Counselling rooms, Consultation rooms, Cafeteria, Library, Activity room, Yoga and Exercise hall, Prayer room and a Terrace Lawn with 24 beds. The place provides Day Care, Residential Care, Family Counselling Services and Memory Clinic for elders with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Patient safety was the most important point kept in mind while constructing the world class facility specially designed by Healthcare Architects in conjunction with the medical experts.

Doing effort to treat such patients with the right kind of care, provided at the right time becomes imperative now in India that out of the 1.3 billion population nearly 11 crore Indians are above the age of 65 years which is likely to grow to about 24 crore by the year 2040, making elderly care an essential service to be available throughout the country. It is sad that as a Nation, presently we are under-served to provide the right care for these illnesses. So every endeavour should be made right now to take care of the elderly with such disabilities. KITES Senior Care has received a funding of INR 4 crores which it intends to use to expand its infrastructure and is looking to raise more money so that it can provide its services to more number of cities soon.


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