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As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic hits the country once again, with cases peaking at over 3.5 lakh per day, hospitals are now functioning at their maximum capacity. With lack of proper medication and oxygen supplies, empty beds are a scarce resource in hospitals; citizens are scurrying to look for one at other COVID-19 facilities in their city. Under such a scenario, a Swedish company, Trucaller, has launched a COVID Hospital Directory found inside the app or the dialler. Though there’s no word on its iOS availability yet, the company says this feature is available for Android beta users currently and should be available for all Android users soon; which could prove an aid to the patients and their peers in need.

Telephone search engine and caller ID service provider, Truecaller, has launched a COVID-19 Healthcare Directory allowing users in India to find hospitals and care facilities in their area. The directory is built right into the app and can be accessed from either the menu or the dialer, the company said in a statement.

The feature provides contact numbers and addresses of COVID-19 hospitals in multiple states, which have been sourced from official government databases. A search button in the app can help the user quickly find all information needed in case of an emergency. Users can contact the numbers to check for availability of ventilator beds and other details.

Truecaller said that the company decided to launch the Healthcare Directory to make it easier for everyone in India to find medical care near them. The COVID health directory appears on the top left corner of the dialer. The contact details will be updated on a daily basis to ensure more and more hospital phone numbers from across India are made available for users. “The directory includes telephone numbers and addresses of COVID designated hospitals from multiple states across the country, sourced from official government databases”, it said.

“This is part of our mission to make your communication safer and more efficient. Follow us on our social channels for more updates, including Truecaller’s YouTube Channel, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter,” the statement added.


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