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In the past whenever a defining technology has emerged in the biotech to nuclear, the governments have taken stock of the situation and defined frameworks so that we do not have an apocalyptic scenario.
Safety and security are right in the centre of deployment and not an afterthought. For the topic of artificial intelligence it seems that it is not the governments who are in the leading seat but the large internet companies for which the goals may not be the same. Also, the weakest link in the global supply chain could be naïve software programmers working in these large corporates rolling out software updates impacting billions of people without much attention to safety and security.
Healthcare is a topic where artificial intelligence has much to offer in terms of increasing access and reducing the cost of care. Having said that patient safety and quality in healthcare is also a key aspect. Hence, when we onboard AI tools into the care process, we should pay attention to the debate of control problems, how AI operates in tandem with the human, is the decision explainable and operation of the AI controllable. If you are interested in how this important debate is shaping up on making AI compatible with humans and can humans control AI, this book is

Reviewed by Sachin Gaur, Executive Editor, InnoHEALTH Magazine

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