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People wonder in times like COVID pandemic spreading globally, whether this pandemic can be avoided or kill the virus, it might seem optimistic in such times but in doing so people avoid the most crucial point that they have to live with the virus to contain it until it can be completely tackled with. India, a country with a population of 1.36 billion has failed to understand the crucial measures to tackle the pandemic and has faced major casualties of 2,54,200 and counting.

Instead of cooperation, there is negligence, on parts of both the system and the people. People have started to understand lately after the second wave of the spread of the virus the need of fulfilling social responsibility. With the increasing death toll and hardships faced by many people in acquiring the necessary healthcare service, there is an uprising in panic. This panic has caused unrest and people believing in various spreading misinformation.

The solution for this situation may come up shortly with all the Research going on to tackle the virus with better vaccinations but until then there are certain pointers that people need to keep in mind. It’s not necessary to know everything so rather learn from someone who is doing good in a similar scenario like for example Japan- they have managed to contain the virus with minimum restrictions and it was possible as people, businesses are driven with social responsibility. 

To do that just follow these simple things:

  • Stay home
  • Monitor your health (temperature, oxygen levels)
  • Have sufficient rest and stay hydrated
  • Cover when you cough or sneeze to avoid spreading
  • Wash your hands diligently
  • Clean the surfaces that are touched more often
  • If you feel you have symptoms/symptoms get severe, do contact healthcare professionals

In case you have COVID and you are in home isolation

  • Use a separate bathroom
  • Avoid sharing any item with family members
  • Wear a surgical mask at all times

At the very end it would be good to say that stay positive, do not read information from non-trustworthy sources to avoid spreading misinformation and panic, stay safe and take good care of elderly people and children at your home.

“Composed by:  Rohan Tandel”

InnoHEALTH magazine digital team

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