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Japanese Pharmaceutical giant, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company has launched an innovative extended half-life recombinant Factor VIII (Rfviii), ‘Adynovate’, using established technology (controlled PEGylation) for patients with haemophilia. Adynovate is administered in three steps with the BAXJECT III system, eliminating  the need to disinfect the vial because vials are already assembled in the system housing. 

This medicine in combination with MYPKFIT  makes it the first and only FDA approved application, providing a tailored and interactive prophylaxis therapy option which allows both the patients and healthcare professionals to monitor factor VIII levels in real time. When the predicted factor VIII levels of haemophilic patients are low, an alert is sent to them and also reminders when their infusions are due. This feature gives a great prophylactic coverage of patients. The medicine can be stored for upto three months at room temperature without exceeding 30 degrees celsius/ 80 degree Fahrenheit.


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