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Nearly 21 million people are suffering from major depressive disorder (MDD) in Europe. Keeping this in mind Flow Neuroscience, a medical technology startup from Sweden has developed a brain stimulation headset which is used in the treatment for depression.

This stimulation headset developed by neuroscientist Erik Rehn and clinical psychologist Daniel Mansson is known as ‘FLOW’ which is a medically approved home treatment for depression. This technology uses a device which looks like a pair of headphones to deliver transcranial direct-current stimulation. 

‘Flow ‘- The Headset For Treating Depression_1

Here a very little amount of electricity is applied to an area at the front of the brain also known as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex which is shown to be less active in people suffering from mental depression.

It has been observed that when this headset, Flow was used by patients in conjunction with a behavioral therapy application that features a virtual therapist to empower and motivate its users’ to manage their treatment, more than 81% which is three-quarters of cases displayed a reduction in their symptoms after three weeks of its usage. This combination offers a unique way to treat depression by removing access barriers. It has been proven that Flow is very effective at treating mild symptoms. Flow has been designed with a vision to change how treatment for depression is accessed.

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