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Non-invasive Ventilators By Max Ventilator

New multifunctional non-invasive (NIV) ventilators have recently been launched by Max Ventilator with built-in oxygen therapy and humidifier. The device is simple to use, is lightweight and offers unique multipurpose features. It is adaptable as it can be used both for newborn and adult. This device can also be used if a patient doesn’t require non-invasive ventilation but needs oxygen therapy. Thus it can do both non-invasive ventilation and oxygen treatment as a single unit. This is the USP of this product since so far there is no solution in the market which combines non-invasive ventilation and oxygen treatment. The NIV is portable and comes with a trolley which is 5 kgs in weight.

It is suitable to be used for patients suffering from COVID, pneumonia and neonates. For use in neonates, special kind of mask needs to be connected to the device thereby taking care of neonatal  breathing difficulties immediately after birth. This aims to reduce the neonatal mortality rate.

There is an internal blending capability in the device for increasing the oxygen content from 31% to 100%. It also helps in the management of excess gases produced so that they do not affect other patients in the ICU. The NIV is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen display and can save observed parameters and operational settings for 72 hours. It gives minimal damage to the user and has both BiPAP and CPAP modes making it suitable for usage by patients with sleep apnea also.

The uniqueness of this product lies in the fact that no cleaning is necessary and the device may be used by a second patient. The device is priced at a quarter of traditional ventilators. If an imported ventilator costs around 10-12 lacs INR , then this device costs only 25% of that amount. The company envisions that this device can reduce the requirement for critical ventilators by half. Thus is a potential game changer in the healthcare industry.


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