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Regular practice of yoga and meditation helps calm your mind and makes you more focused.

Have you ever contemplated that when you are healthy and fit, you feel more happy and content in your life? However, today’s varying lifestyle could be a major hindrance in keeping yourself healthy. Here, Yoga could be one of the best options with which you can make your life healthy and joyful. Yoga has a lot to offer at every stage of your life. Whether you are a working professional, housewife, kid, student, pregnant woman, retired person or a senior citizen, life seems the best if you do yoga with dedication. Yoga is indeed a precious gift to mankind that brings mind and body in harmony and thereby helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

You just have to put in at least 15-30 minutes of your daily busy life to perform yoga and you will be surprised to see your life at the best level. Daily practice of Yoga mainly involves yoga stretches, suryanamaskar, different yoga poses, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. You can do yoga at your home or join yoga classes for perfection and commitment. It’s always a good idea to learn yoga practically as well as theoretically from the basics itself for a longer and healthier life. Well, according to a market research study Yoga market and Yoga mat market is expected to grow in the near future which suggests that more and more people are choosing yoga as a part of their healthy lifestyle. So, what are the health benefits that you can attain with daily yoga practice? Let’s take a look;

Yoga enhances your efficiency:

Regular practice of yoga and meditation helps calm your mind and makes you more focused. With improved concentration, you can work faster with more efficiency and creativity. Just invest your 30 minutes every day in the morning for body stretching, some active yoga postures, pranayama and meditation and you will experience that your whole day has become more energetic and productive. 

It increases energy level:

High energy levels are always required to be efficient throughout the day, especially for working professionals and housewives. And this can be achieved with a few minutes of yoga practice. Yoga asnas perks up your overall stamina and energy levels as well as keeps you fresh for a whole day. When it comes to providing you with extra energy, yoga poses such as tree pose and cobra pose just work great.

Yoga improves fitness:

Regular yoga practice leads to the improvement in your fitness levels in a holistic way. It can also provide you with the benefits of gym exercise such as cardio and strength training. And thus you can achieve fitness with yoga too if not willing to join a gym for the same. Trending yoga styles like aerial yoga seems to be the best for fitness and overall health.

It is good to increase strength, flexibility and posture:

While performing Yoga asanas, body muscles get stretched that tone your body muscles and enhance your posture. All this helps to reduce body pains and aches that are originated due to wrong posture. Yoga poses including planks and downward facing dogs are good options to improve your flexibility, strength and personality. Moreover, it’s good to have increased strength and flexibility for expecting mothers as it helps for a better childbirth. Pregnant women can look for prenatal yoga training that offers many health benefits for both baby and mother to be!

Yoga boosts concentration and thinking ability:

Yoga and meditation makes you concentrate on your breathing pattern that makes your mind calm and gives you a feeling of relaxation. Relaxed mind can enhance your cognitive functions, helps to think in a positive, transparent, and an organised way. It also boosts your self-confidence and enthusiasm. Thus, yoga gives a lot of benefits for working professionals and kids who regularly perform yoga.

Yoga asnas, breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation together can help in reducing stress from your life.

It can help lose weight:

If you want to live a healthy life, you must have a healthy body weight. However, extra weight is a big concern for people from almost all ages. Daily yoga practice makes your metabolic system stronger and helps in burning body fat that reduces body weight. Besides, yoga aids in balancing the hormonal levels in the body that are associated with the appetite. So, you feel less hungry and thereby stay away from overeating and extra weight gain.

Yoga reduces stress levels:

Stress caused by several reasons can be experienced at any stage of your life that affects your overall health. Yoga acts as the stress buster if it is practiced on a daily basis. Yoga asnas, breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation together can help in reducing stress from your life. There are several yoga poses to overcome stress and anxiety including standing forward bend, down dog pose, and cat pose etc. 

It aids in leading a happy and healthy life:

When you start performing yoga asnas regularly, you can find a positive perception of your life. Yoga increases happy hormones in your body that elevates your mood and makes you emotionally strong. Thus, you can live a happy and healthy life with yoga. Yoga improves fitness, enhances strength and flexibility, eliminates stress, aids in weight loss, and regulates heart rate and thus you can keep many diseases at bay with yoga. So, would you like to put in 15-30 minutes of your whole day practicing yoga? It will surely surprise you with the greatest gift of your life that is happiness and fulfilment. Start practicing yoga from today itself to be healthy and happy!

Composed by: “Sopan Gedam works in Data Bridge Market Research Company. He loves to share his research on healthcare topics to a wider audience through his article.”

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