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People often think that stress and anxiety are somewhat the same, confusing one with the other. Stress is typically a response to something we can influence or to other areas of life that we might be able to handle more effectively. On the other hand, anxiety relates to worrying without knowing what is causing it or when emotions run higher and feelings are magnified to an extent beyond what the situation appears to call for. Anxiety is also a reaction to circumstances beyond our control.

A healthy level of stress can make you more enthusiastic about life, motivated, and better at your job. It also helps you make sound decisions, especially when faced with threatening situations. But stress can be detrimental and negatively affect our lives when it becomes too extreme or persists for too long.

Everyone goes through stressful times, and anything can cause stress. People are more likely to experience stress during specific times of the year, such as exam time, during the holiday season, when a family member is sick, and during emergencies. On the other hand, stress can occur in positive life-changing events like the birth of a baby or a new career. Whatever the reason is, managing stress to keep it at a healthy level is a key factor in staying healthy. For example, enjoying some “me” time while having a cup of turmeric latte mix is a great way to de-stress. Apart from tuning off from stressful situations, the beverage contains ingredients that may help alleviate stress and enhance your mood.

Here are a few good reasons to take control of your stress.

1. It affects your health

Your body and overall health are impacted by stress in tangible ways. The American Psychological Association states that stress can affect every system in the body, including the reproductive and musculoskeletal systems. In addition, stress can cause or exacerbate chronic painful conditions. Serious medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, ulcers, infertility, and diminished sex drive have all been linked to stress. Moreover, stress weakens the immune system, making you more susceptible to infections. Stress can also lead to eating unhealthily and lacking the drive or stamina to keep active and make healthier lifestyle choices. You can enjoy a healthier and happier life if you control your stress.

2. It has an impact on your work

Workplace stress is real. There is probably no job that doesn’t carry some level of stress. But if that stress remains constant at work, it could have serious repercussions. For example, it can affect relationships with colleagues, limit productivity, and result in being passed up for promotions or salary increases. However, you can become a better worker, team member, or leader by controlling your stress at your workplace, where you spend much of your time.

3. It affects your emotional state

Too much stress affects you emotionally, making you feel grumpy and irritable. Because you are tense, you are in a state of agitation. Being unable to resolve stress issues could lead to depression, which may also result in other health issues.

It is crucial to deal with stress so it does not take control over you.

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