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German medical technology company, Vara which focuses on breast cancer screening and detection, has recently spread its wings across India. Today, breast cancer is the most common cancer that affects Indian women and the number of lives lost to this deadly disease in India is the second highest worldwide. Prevalence of breast cancer is very high in Mexico, Egypt and now India. Every four minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in India. Out of all the cancer cases which are diagnosed in India, nearly 14% is attributed to breast cancer. 

Taking note of this statistic, Vara has come to India to Mumbai in partnership with Suburban Diagnostics and N M Medical with an aim to help women and families combat breast cancer via early detection.

It is going to conduct screenings at an affordable price and work towards awareness about breast cancer prevention and early detection. The matter of concern in India is that more than half of the breast cancer cases are identified in the late stages and if detected early, the rate of survival for breast cancer is 97% eventually leading to lesser treatment costs, less invasive treatments and improved quality of life. The USP of Vara is that it uses artificial intelligence and digital mammography to identify breast cancer in earlier stages. Machine learning enables one to analyse images for potential abnormalities, effectively boosting the accuracy of breast cancer screening and resultantly reducing the amount of unnecessary biopsies.

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