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Weight Loss Injection In Demand In The United Kingdom

Wegovy’ is a weight loss injection recently launched by Novo Nordisk, the Danish drugmaker in UK to meet its rising demand and expand its presence in the region. The injection is already available in Denmark, Germany, Norway and United States of America. The drug’s high demand in USA has led to its delayed launch in Europe. Wegovy has been shown to help patients reduce their body weight by around 15% when used in conjunction with lifestyle changes and exercise. Wegovy will be made available in UK through a controlled and limited launch.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) which is Britain’s drug cost-effectiveness watchdog has recommended the use of Wegovy in adults with atleast one weight-related condition and a body mass index of 35 but only within the National Health Service’s (NHS) specialist weight management scheme. The company is closely monitoring the demand for the weight loss drug and is working with regulators and providers to ensure that people living with obesity can have access to and remain on treatment. It is speculated that due to the high demand of the drug as of now, it will take quite some years before the company can satisfy the whole market.

The drug will be available both within the National Health Service’s weight management scheme and privately through a registered healthcare professional.  The British Government plans to launch a pilot programme to explore how new weekly weight loss shots like Wegovy can be given to obese patients by general practitioners. In the US this drug sells for as much as $1350 a month but its cost in UK has not been revealed so far.

Source: www.Theguardian.Com

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