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Google introduced several generative AI-driven tools at its Google for India event. Users will soon access summaries of over 100 Indian government-led schemes in both Hindi and English. The search experience in India will become more visualized, offering step-by-step instructions with images and videos for various searches. It will also provide user reviews for local information searches. This expansion follows Google’s August introduction of search-generative experiences in India, allowing users to toggle between Hindi and English without leaving the results page and featuring ads in dedicated slots in generative-AI-powered search results.

Google announced a bunch of generative AI-focused tools in India at its Google for India event. The features include visual results like images and videos and information on government schemes. Google said today that in the coming weeks, users will be able to get summaries of more than 100 government-led schemes in India. The feature will provide information to users in both Hindi and English.

The search giant said that it is making search generative experiments (SGE) in India more localized and visualized by showing images and videos in the results. For instance, if a person searches for “How to drape a saree,” they will get step-by-step instructions for different styles of draping. Plus, the results will also include a video.

The company said that while searching for local information, such as things to do in a city you are traveling, the search generative experience (SGE) will also list useful user reviews. For example, if you search “Is Jaipur Fort wheelchair-friendly?” the generative-AI search-powered result will surface user reviews related to that. Notably, Google Maps already marks wheelchair-friendly places and businesses on the app. Recently, the company also launched indications for wheelchair-friendly shopping routes on Maps.

In August, Google expanded the search generative experience (SGE) to India with a toggle for users to switch from Hindi to English without leaving the results page. The company said at that time that ads would appear in dedicated slots in generative-AI-powered search results.

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