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The Rockefeller Foundation has granted funding to the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D) for the establishment of a Climate Sciences and Technology Chair. This five-year grant aims to enhance expertise in advanced climate sciences from the Global South. It supports climate technology interventions, provides resources for researchers, experts, and students, and fosters innovation to address climate challenges. The collaboration is part of The Rockefeller Foundation’s $1 billion climate strategy, promoting scientific, evidence-based action for climate change from the Global South. IIT Delhi will also host climate-centric events over the five years to facilitate discussions among experts in the field.

The Rockefeller Foundation announced a grant to the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D) for the Climate Sciences and Technology Chair at the premier technology institute. Through this five-year period grant, IIT-D will elect an academic with noteworthy contributions in the field of climate sciences to expand the existing talent pool in advanced climate sciences from the Global South.

Through this grant, The Rockefeller Foundation intends to support the growing interest in climate technology interventions. The grant will provide resources to experts, researchers, and students to shape future climate policy action. The Rockefeller Foundation Chair for Climate Sciences and Technology will enable further innovation and increase participation to address the looming and prevalent climate challenges.

Along with the Chair, IIT Delhi, across the five years, will hold two climate-centric convenings bringing together experts from the Global South to discuss the latest innovations tackling climate change.

“It is our immense pleasure to be associated with the Rockefeller Foundation to set up a Chair Professorship for Climate Sciences and Technology”, stated Prof. Naresh Bhatnagar, Dean (R&D), IIT Delhi. “Climate change will be one of the defining challenges of the 21st century, and IIT Delhi, through its substantial and growing presence in climate science, innovation and policy, is well-placed to help address this enormous challenge. We believe this partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation will play an important role in our efforts within and beyond IIT Delhi to enhance research-driven climate action.”

This collaboration aligns with The Rockefeller Foundation’s recently announced $1 billion USD climate strategy promoting scientific action towards climate action.

“It is time that policy action constituted of evidence backed, innovative and scientific climate research from the Global South”, stated Deepali Khanna, Vice President, Asia Regional Office, The Rockefeller Foundation, announcing the collaboration. “Through this collaboration with IIT Delhi, we hope to enable this voice. The Rockefeller Foundation has always believed in creating equal opportunity for all and with our new climate strategy applicable for the next five years, this is a positive step in the direction. The institution is an excellent ally to further the importance of collective action towards climate change. This grant will serve as a platform for an increasing number of sustainable academia and industry collaborations in the future.”

The Rockefeller Foundation’s climate strategy spanning over five years intends to advance opportunities while reversing the climate crisis.

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