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Psoriasis-A self-love-hate Love Story

Sometimes you find yourself in a crisis situation where you at first have no awareness of the issue that you are dealing with, then you gather the understanding and seriousness of the issue. Suddenly it seems like the end of the world but then as the cloudiness disappears you start to see the light. You start equipping yourself with the knowledge and mental strength to deal with it. Life is still a struggle but because of your own drive and motivation you are able to navigate it. As time passes you learn to celebrate the situation you are in and you become comfortable with your situation and start to excel in your life! 

As someone has said life is 99% , how we react to it.

Such is the story of Riccha Arora, who dealt with a skin condition called Psoriasis in her teenage years. The social stigma and acceptance of her own situation and the journey to overcome shows the immense grit and courage she has shown. Sharing such a journey in itself requires an acceptance and willingness to provide an example to others. It is a short read of 25 odd pages, I welcome you all to read and spread the word. As I have seen many families / individuals waking up one fine day with life long conditions that they have no idea how to deal with. Many of them do overcome their own situation and excel in life. However, sharing such stories would ease life for many and inspire them to achieve more in spite of the hurdles and difficulties. 

Reviewed by Riccha Arora

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