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The science behind Ketamine, explains how it works in the brain to create new neural pathways & promote neuro-plasticity.

In this present era we struggle from anxiety and stress. In these perspectives Dr. Alex Howard & Dr. Elena Villanueva & MHH team have enlightened us to reset our nervous system. The nervous system can be rebalanced to help create an optimal healing state-regardless of how stressed, burn out, fatigue & run down we might feel. We should be aware of our anxiety, depression & nervous system regulation. We are tired of  feeling stuck in our emotions, thoughts & trauma and are unable to move forward.

According to Dr. Villanueva  Trans- motive power of Ketamine Assisted Neurological Re-  Patterning shows a way to break free from the pain & suffering that has held us  back too long. It helps us  to heal from our emotional trauma, and find a path to a more fulfilling, peaceful and joyous life.

A narration from Inner Circle was Sharon’s inspiring healing journey. She has shared how the Katemine Assisted Neurological Re-Patterning (  KANR) transformed her life and how she was able to overcome deep-seated trauma & depression that had caught her for years despite medications &  a decade of therapy. Her story was a testament & reminder that we all can heal ourselves- we just need to tap into that energy and understand the process of healing.

To quote from Dr. Villanueva ‘It’s about taking the insights gained & weaving them into your everyday life. That’s where  integration, long-term breakthrough & healing come to play. By prioritizing these aspects, you can unlock the full potential of Ketamine & its profound benefits’.

The science behind Ketamine, explains how it works in the brain to create new neural pathways & promote neuro-plasticity. In the session various forms of Ketamine therapy- IV’s, lozenges, & nasal sprays were conducted.

It is hoped that with the team of experts we will have everything we need to elevate our experiences & achieve long –term success. At the end we could say the version of Alex Howard-Energy just might be your most powerful asset. It is necessary for transformation, healing, growth & forward momentum in life. Energy could be renewed and restored.

“Composed by: Dr. Tinni Dutta an academician and researcher who is presently engaging herself as Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, Muralidhar Girls’ College, Kolkata. She has visited many countries where she was invited for expert talks. She has good scientific publication and received several accolades for her work.”

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