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Healthcare is transitioning from human touch of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to devices and now information technology. In today’s world, healthcare is buzzing with new domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or should it be called assisted intelligence, machine learning, big data, block chain, Internet of Things (IoT), connected healthcare, mHealth, eHealth, cybersecurity and many more. These terminologies are being used by many without knowing its definition,use and limitation. It is creating a new community of providers. All this is good as long as we are not servient to technology and we control it for the benefit of providers and patients. Even medical personnel these days want to diagnose without touching the patients, without any concern for evidence-based medicine,human touch and compassion. Technology has made big in-roads in healthcare,but should it dispense health professionals as few think.

There is no doubt AI and IoT are big help in radiology and early diagnosis of cancer etc. but can never replace human intervention. India is also fast changing to adopt new technologies. As per a recent estimate, AI has potential of bringing $957 billion to the Indian economy by 2035. This may be the cause for luring young professionals to this new domain.

AI, as described by the domain experts – application of AI in healthcare, can be classified into Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive. Our effort here is to learn and share newer knowledge by various initiatives taken by us through our annual conference, magazines, training programs, club meetings, webinars and the most recent delegation to Sweden under InnoBRIDGE 2019 to learn the best practices and explore synergies. On the request of our stakeholders, the next planned initiative is InnoBRIDGE USA 2020.

This issue is based on the theme of AI & IoT in Healthcare. The next one would be on Unmet Needs in Healthcare: Leading to Innovation. Do share your views and research for the benefit of all who believe in change through innovation. Let us think more on the basic issues of healthcare and how we can use technology to improve healthcare for common man at an optimum cost.

Ideate, Innovate and Incubate for the Bottom of Pyramid. Let us strive together to make India a developed economy from an emerging economy. The population of1.3 billion should be an asset and not a liability for the nation. A healthy India only can make wealthy India.

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