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India’s business of healthcare continues to grow steadily – with its wider coverage, better services, and increasing investment. As per the India Brand Equity Foundation – the Healthcare Market in India is expected to be the US $ 372 billion in size by 2022, driven by rising incomes, greater awareness levels, higher incidence of lifestyle diseases and access to healthcare insurance. While the industry continues to be focused on operations and revenue and notwithstanding the launch of Ayushman Bharat – the world’s single largest Government-funded Healthcare program, the need for understanding and defining what can bring about change from within – is critical.

An increasingly competitive market driven by aware and technology-enabled patients and caregivers is seeing greater levels of involvement and their rapidly increasing need for driving their own health-care experiences. The Harvard Business Review believes that “the future of the global health care market lies in delivering high-value care that concentrates on Patient Experience.”

It is important to understand that Patient Experience is not just about an individual patient’s interactions – but also his or her perceptions of that caregiving experience. A Healthcare organization that consistently delivers a better quality of patient experience will be able to drive better quality of patient outcomes and in turn – better business performance.

It is in this scenario – that Team CRM Academy of Asia has partnered with Terragni Consulting and Indian Chamber of Commerce to bring you the Patient Experience Conclave & Awards 2019, to establish the Patient Experience paradigm and benchmark its performance standards – and drive the change for the entire Indian Healthcare Industry.

The Patient Experience Conclave & Awards is a day-long first of its kind event on December 11th, 2019 (Wednesday) at Shangri-La Hotel, Connaught Place, New Delhi and will bring together senior healthcare professionals, thought leaders and PatientExperience practitioners from both national and international organizations – all of whom are tasked with overseeing their organization’s Patient Experience Strategy.

Our Conclave Agenda will include keynotes, panel discussions and more on the following topics:

  • Identifying and Understanding your Customer
  • Journey from Patient Satisfaction to Patient Experience
  • The ROI of Patient Experience
  • Great Experiences need Great people
  • Nursing Excellence for a great Patient Experience

Other highlights of the event include the identification and setting of Patient Experience Standards, which we will be recognising and rewarding at our Patient Experience Awards Ceremony. The Conclave will also see the release of our Knowledge Report on the “State of Patient Experience in India.”

The Patient Experience Conclave & Awards is being curated by the Customer Relationship Academy of Asia (CRMAA) – a non-profit body of CRM professionals – empowering enterprises with fresh learnings & best practices in creating, customizing and maintaining Customer Relationships. This initiative is in partnership with Terragni Consulting and the Indian Chamber of Commerce.

For registration and detailed information about the Awards or to Submit Your Entry for the Awards, go here
For more information and to get a copy of Conclave Brochure or Awards Brochure – please email

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