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Introducing The Patient Experience Excellence Awards 2019
The Patient Experience movement is growing within India and around the world. Both hospitals andhealthcare providers are realising the significance of patient feedback which is being used in theirown teams to improve patient care.
The CRM ACADEMY OF ASIA – TERRAGNI – ICC Patient Experience Excellence Awards 2019, recognise invaluable service in celebrating what is best about what we do, encouraging others andraising the bar a little higher each year. Fortunately with the benchmarks these awards willrecognise, everyone will leave with at least one new idea to put into practice back home. The awardswill select those ambassadors with a patient-centred approach – with a critical role to play in qualityimprovement. As the quality of Patient Experience also affects patient safety and self-reported outcomes, this work has much wider effects. The move to new care models will show the newopportunities to improve care across boundaries where it has traditionally fallen short.
The PEXA2019 Awards are the only recognition for contribution to Patient Experience in the countryand are based on innovation and impact.
National Technology Awards 2018

Important deadlines and dates for the Awards are:

  • Online Nominations & Submission of Entries accepted till November 10th, 2019 (Sunday)
  • Finalists Announcement: November 30th, 2019 (Saturday)
  • Winners Announcement & Awards Distribution: December 11th, 2019 (Wednesday)

Categories for the PEXA2019 Awards are as follows:

  1. Patient Experience Team of the Year
  2. Patient Experience Professional of the Year
  3. Patient Experience Delivery Professional of the Year
  4. Patient Experience Leader of the Year | Individual
  5. Patient Experience Leader of the Year | Organisation
  6. Best PX Communication Programme
  7. Health Insurance Products and Service Innovation
  8. Healthcare Start Up | Patient Experience Delivery Innovation
  9. Patient Experience Technology Innovation
  10. Best Patient Experience in the Care of Underprivileged Patients
  11. Best Organisation for Staff / Employee Engagement for PX
  12. Innovation for Measuring Patient Experience

The Patient Experience Conclave & Awards is being curated by the Customer Relationship Academyof Asia (CRMAA) – a non-profit body of CRM professionals empowering enterprises with freshlearnings and best practices in creating, customising and maintaining Customer Relationships; inpartnership with Terragni Consulting and the Indian Chamber of Commerce.
For registration and detailed information about the Awards or to Submit Your Entry for the Awards go here
For more information and to get a copy of Conclave Brochure or Awards Brochure – please email

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