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There is an ongoing outbreak of a new virus tagged as “2019-nCoV”(temporary name) which is a novel coronavirus, identified in Wuhan city of China. 2019-nCoV has already taken more than 300 lives and above 14000 are reported as infected with this imp virus. Coronavirus is a set of viruses that can cause multiple diseases and can jeopardize human life and can root respiratory diseases. The peculiar virus has already shown its effects on a huge number of people in China.

nCoV novel coronavirus has also delineated cases in different cities of China. Few of the cases are also reported from different countries.

About Coronavirus

Coronaviruses are those kinds of viruses that affect respiratory systems in humans most of the time, these kinds of viruses mainly originated from animals, birds, and fishes and later makes their way to infect humans due to food chain.

Though, according to updates 2019-nCoV is spreading from human to human as well and has unpredicted ways of transmission. 2019-nCov is a new virus, we don’t know many things about it yet. Viruses such as 2019-nCoV also possess defensive properties, they are more sustainable off medicines and can resist the cure which makes it more dangerous and powerful.

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Transmission of coronavirus is mainly caused by birds and animals to humans, but when a coronavirus which is a set of many diseases infects a human then the respiratory droplets of the infected person become the main medium of transmission, creating a human to human approach. The start of this virus is heard to have passed from a snake.

If an infected person sneezes or coughs in a crowded place then there are strong chances that the people around may also get infected by the virus. Because it’s a new virus other means of transmissions are still unknown.


For the one who is infected with 2019-nCoV it might seem a lot like a normal cough or cold and fever but also can have some severe symptoms like short breath and breathing affairs. Again the time for the disease to show its symptoms is uncertain, it can show its effects within a day or two or can take as long as 2 weeks.

How early the symptoms show depends on person to person and their immune system. If anything seems unusual then concerning the doctor should be your priority.


Because 2019-nCoV is a new virus, it does not have any medicine assigned to prevent the deadly disease from happening yet. Medicines available for pre-existing viruses and disease can be used by the doctors as for the consolation of an infected person.

But we can still use natural ways to protect ourselves from 2019-nCoV by keeping ourselves away from the direct contact of viruses or taking sterility precautions. We can use Masks to avoid pollution and infecting droplets. It can change food intake and eat more healthily. Wash hands soon after returning from the outdoors.


2019-nCoV does not have any recommended vaccine or drug by the doctors to treat the virus. If someone happens to be infected with the virus can reach their doctors or healthcare centers for help. The effect of the virus can be controlled to some extent using medicines designed for similar diseases. Scientists are still working on finding a cure for 2019-nCoV. Thai scientists claim to have found the cure for the disease. Till a reliable cure is found for 2019-nCoV novel coronavirus the best treatment is to avoid the disease from happening in the first place. So, stay cautious about your health and stay healthy.

The Chinese government has setup one of the emergency hospitals in Wuhan has been built in response to the deadly coronavirus. Huoshenshan Hospital, is now complete and due to go into use on today, February 3. Salute to all engineers and workers who built this hospital to handle the disease together. A time lapse video of the hospital construction can be viewed below.

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