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“The profession that makes an ordinary person to an extraordinary is just the visible iceberg which has its depth covered with immense dedication, hardwork and persistence.”

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” Mahatma Gandhi

July 1 is celebrated as National Doctor’s day and this day is marked as the birth & death anniversary of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy.He was an honourable Indian doctor and second Chief Minister of West Bengal. He played a crucial role in the Independence Movement.He was awarded the Bharat Ratna award in the year 1961.The doctors played a vital role during this pandemic. Their unrelentless dedication has saved so many lives during these crucial times.Catering to COVID-19 patients for hours in the suffocating PPE kit and fighting against a room full of infectious patients is like waging a war against uncertainities.Staying away from families for months and surviving the horrid conditions where the mental sanctity is jeopardised by the constant trauma and deaths of many as medicines were not working neither was any medical intervention.We often look upon these doctors as angels bestowed with supernatural power to revive an ailing soul.The demigods are human too and they also have constraints. We are so overwhelmed about them being the one who can save mankind that we often forget that Messiah can also be in mess with undulating service to others.We need to strengthen our healthcare resources in the coming future as a robust countrymen paves the way for a healthy nation.The government has initiated various schemes for upgradation of healthcare resources during the pandemic but the real challenge is to implement them before the next catastrophe.The promulgation of healthcare innovations that came up through hackathons showed the concerned  people have pertaining to the present healthcare scenario. Innovatiocuris has conducted one such hackathon where doctors had also participated enthusiastically in order to resolve the burgeoning problems of the healthcare industry. Apart from catering to the patients these doctors also left no stone unturned to keep themselves agile for their patients by being a part of a hackathon.The profession that makes an ordinary person into an extraordinary person is just the visible iceberg which has its depth covered with immense dedication, hardwork and persistence.With the start of the vaccination process they were continuously apprising the people about the vaccine.Let us portray the doctors’ as human also in the canvas of our eyes and show our empathy to them.

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“Dr. Debleena Bhattacharya is the Associate Editor of InnoHEALTH magazine and working as an Assistant Professor in Marwadi University, Gujarat. Her area of interest lies in Environmental Biotechnology focusing on wastewater treatment.”

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