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Italy being the epicentre of covid outbreak in Europe and became the first country to launch an initiative in training it’s healthcare workers in the area of COVID-19 and taking inspiration from them such a step is being taken by India. GENERATION INDIA, an NGO organised a two month long online training programme for capacity building of frontline healthcare professionals under which it has successfully trained more than 50,000 nurses from various hospitals across India. The duration of the programme was of four hours and it offered practical, demonstration-based and immediately applicable training in the areas of infection control and prevention in COVID-19 hospitals.

It also taught the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and how personal care should be taken by the medical staff. Training is the need of the hour as our healthcare workforce is well versed with their professional duties and roles but they do not have the experience to deal with a pandemic that they can draw on now. While the healthcare worker is trained for PPE in their courses but they have never used them in their workplaces. This pandemic has taught us that with each new disease comes a new fighting plan and definitely skilled healthcare workforce is the key to fight and win against such a problem. Thus our nurses need to be upskilled in time for taking such action.

Generation India, Columbia Asia Hospital, UNESCO, Learnet Skills Limited and ABP News joined hands to prepare, launch and roll out this training programme. Hosmac India Private Limited from the healthcare industry and the Nursing Association of India is the certification agency for the same. Contribution for this endeavour also comes from Delhi Nursing Council, National Skill Development Corporation, Indian Professional Nurses Association and Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation. Generation India is sharing its product with multiple sources like healthcare industry association, nursing associations, state run public healthcare facilities and individual hospitals, nursing homes and clinics to make it available to even a larger number of nurses. Trained workforce is surely an asset to our country and will ensure more efficient management of COVID-19 throughout the country.


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