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In this time of pandemic it is imperative to wear a mask literally at all times till full proof vaccine is developed. Working in this direction is a Swiss Hygiene Company, Livinguard Technologies which has developed a mask with the aim to provide a covid free world.

The team conducted more than 65,000 experiments and filed for more than 100 patents before they got this revolutionary mask right with a globally patented technology. The mask is a super mask as it can directly inactivate viruses and bacteria including 99.9% of the novel coronavirus SARS-COV-2. The company felt it has responsibility to protect people as they return to a new normal and live their daily lives and so they wanted to produce something more effective than a mere protective barrier mask. The team kept redesigning, kept testing the masks to check for efficacy against the COVID-19 virus.

The mask has three layers which gives five layers of protection. The mask’s outer layer made of fabric has Livinguard’s Tripellent Technology with three levels of protection. Then there is the Livinguard anti-viral technology which is coated on both sides of the fabric as well as the same Livinguard anti-viral technology is embedded into the fibres of the fabric. When a virus comes into contact with this fabric, its capsid which is a protein envelope is destroyed causing an explosion of the virus. So basically the technology is based on the principle that the fabric surface of the mask is empowered with a strong positive charge and when the microbes (microbial cell) which are negatively charged come in contact with the fabric, it leads to permanent destruction of the micro-organism. The fabric has 36 billion positive charges per square cm and continues to work in this way without any chemical leaching out of it and also does not get affected by washing. The mask can be washed upto 30 times keeping its original properties intact and if used daily and washed weekly with normal usage, it can be used for 6 months. The inside fabric layer of the mask also has this anti-viral technology which ensures that both these layers destroy 99.9% of the COVID-19 virus as proven by the University of Berlin. All these technologies together prevent the user from inhaling the virus and those around them from exhaling the virus. The mask is proven to be non-toxic, safe for use and is priced between INR 1490-1990 depending on the type of mask a person opts for.

The company also plans to soon launch a sports mask version for sports enthusiasts and small size for kids above the age of seven. Presently three versions of the mask are available in the likes of Street, Pro and Ultra with increasing levels of protection in medium and large sizes and Bombay blue colour. Soon three more new colours  masks will be introduced. The company has its presence in China, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Middle East and India. The mask is mostly made from cotton hence it is eco-friendly and sustainable. It is washable and reusable to about 210 times without compromising on the quality and efficacy. The mask is also odour-free and dries out quickly with low humidity. A research done by the team shows that if a million people use one reusable Livinguard mask 210 times then we can save 36,000 tonnes of waste and curtail the mask than a regular mask because a person would need 210 masks to compare with one of Livinguard’s mask. Science leaders across the globe are terming this super mask as a game changer in the management of COVID-19 spread.


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