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Robotic-assisted surgeries globally have been in use since decades that have given positive results with millions of patients but the access has been scarce.  The presently available robotic systems which are in the United States and other developed nations are very expensive and also are associated with steep learning curves. So the affordability of such advanced sciences is of question in most of India. Keeping this challenge in mind and a vision to offer minimally invasive robotic surgery solutions, SS INNOVATIONS has launched SSI MANTRA as India’s first completely indigenously made Medical Robotics Surgery System.

Human pilot study with 18 procedures has been conducted at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute. The USP of this system is that it is priced in the range of INR 4-5 crores including annual maintenance cost which is one-third of the price of the system globally. The average lifespan of SSI MANTRA is 10 years and AMC is of essence as each component of the system will have certain life cycles and it is important to provide maintenance accordingly. If properly maintained, it would support 15,000 hours of surgery. This Multi-Arm Novel Tele Robotic Assistance Surgical Robotic System can be used for all major surgical specialities like thoracic, cardiac, head and neck, urology, gynaecology and general surgery and will also have automated enabling technologies for valve operations and coronary bypass.

As a first human pilot study at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, within one month surgeons successfully completed 18 complex Gynaecology, Urology and General Surgery procedures. Seeing Robotics as the future of surgery, this innovation by SS INNOVATIONS is praise-worthy displaying their dedication to healthcare and endeavour to make cost-effective, easy to use and applicable to all surgical specialities.


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