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HIMS Hospital in collaboration with Sridhar University recently in the month of February 2022 launched an event named ‘ The Invisible Medicine ’ in New Delhi. The event is unique as it emphasised on two new medicines which were referred to as the invisible medicine. The science of postural medicine which is based on the Law of Gravity was reintroduced, emphasised upon and talked about. The doctors spoke about how the therapy of hot water immersion or simply sitting in the hot water tub has successfully helped thousands of people in treating themselves of various infections and diseases. This therapy is proven to be helpful also in the treatment of cancer, dialysis, parkinson’s and other neuro-degenerative diseases.

A total of 12 videos were shared on screen to show top 12 ideas through which hot water immersion treatment can be given and different ways to prepare hot water tubs. The USP here lies in the fact that a treatment like this involves no medicine or expenditure.

This therapy can be freely used even by the poor people just by spending very little money as one does not need any special gadgets or tools or resources to carry it out. To add to it gravitational force is freely available to all of us and cannot be purchased from a shop. A person can use a broken fridge or a portable water tank and if one does not even have access to these resources then they can simply dig a ditch and make arrangements for the person lying down in hot water. Here gravity and heat work as medicines. The doctors said that if the treatment protocol starts with the appearance of the first symptom of Flu like cold, cough, fever, weakness or fatigue, bodyache then the person can be cured within 2 hours. This therapy of giving heat is absolutely free of cost, scientifically proven and gives instant relief.

A second type of invisible medicine was introduced in the event which is vibration. Sridhar University announced an online course to be started in March 2022 to teach the use of ‘vibration is medicine’. The underlying basis for this therapy is that if all the organs of a human body do not work in harmony then the person will always be sick. Vibration is medicine that is also free which can be used by a person on his own, without seeking external help. The book titled ‘The Heat Protocol’ was launched and it teaches the use of heat as medicine and through heat one can get rid of Flu, COVID and other respiratory diseases.


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