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With 1.7 nurses per 1,000 population, India falls short of the WHO recommended rate of 3 nurses per 1,000 population. India is in need of 4.3 million more nurses by 2024 to meet WHO norms. The nursing and midwifery professional organisations underlined the importance of stepping up investments and promoting inclusiveness in decision-making in order to address shortage in the sector. The proposed mission will surely serve a step forward towards achieving the target.

The Uttar Pradesh government will launch ‘Mission Niramayah’ to revamp nursing and paramedical training, said the officials. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday issued directives for improving the quality of education in nursing colleges of the state.

“Nursing and paramedical staff are the backbones of the health and medical system. In the Covid-19 era, we all have seen and understood their massive importance. There are immense opportunities for a better career in this field. It is necessary to make significant adjustments to nursing and paramedical training in light of future needs. In such a case, prepare to launch “Mission Niramayah” by treating this significant task as a campaign,” Yogi said in a meeting with the Medical Education Department’s officers.

CM further directed to ensure the requirements before giving Nursing and Paramedical Institution recognition and added, “Only when there are sufficient teachers and the institute has infrastructure that meets the required standards may recognition be awarded. Institutions that do not meet standards should not be acknowledged at all. While verifying the Aadhaar of the teachers serving in all the nursing or paramedical institutions of the state, their details should be provided on the portal.” He asked the official for a fair admission test in the institutes.

“CCTV surveillance should be used to watch the exams and the invigilators would be from another institute. Work in this direction has to be done with a better strategy,” CM further said.

“Many institutes of the state are doing good work including some private sector institutions. Such best practices should be implemented in other institutions as well. For this, a mentor-mentee model should be adopted. We must work systematically toward better employment in addition to improved training. In order to decide on this policy, reputable private sector hospitals should be consulted. For young people pursuing nursing training, practical experience is crucial,” he added.

Yogi encouraged the youth for career prospects in the Nursing and Paramedical sectors. “It would be better to take the cooperation of secondary schools for this. The Department of Medical Education and Secondary Education should work in coordination in this regard,” he said.


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