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Most of the patients complain that their arthritis problem increases with a decrease in temperature, especially during winter.

People suffering from Arthritis usually experience inflammation in one or more joints in the body which causes swelling, pain, and stiffness. Most of the patients complain that their arthritis problem increases with a decrease in temperature, especially during winter. Cold weather can be tough for those suffering from arthritis as it increases the pain and swelling of the joints and reduces the blood circulation in the body which results in severe arthritis pain. As the temperature decreases, the tissue around the joint starts swelling and thus causing pain.

Following a healthy routine in winter can help you deal with arthritis pain. All you want to know to deal with Arthritis Pain this winter are as follows:

1. Healthy foods: Eating healthy food will not cure your problem but will help you in providing relief from pain and swelling in the joints. Consume foods rich in Omega3 such as fatty fish, beans, nuts, etc which will help you in fighting against the pain and swelling and eventually lead you to a healthy lifestyle. 

2. Regular exercise: Winters brings laziness along with it. This is the time when you should step out, stay active, and practice yoga or exercise at least for 1 hour every day instead of being lazy and sitting at home. This will help in providing relief from pain, strengthen your muscles and boost energy. However, consulting your doctor before practicing any exercise is very important.

3. Stay hydrated: People tend to intake less fluid during winter which can eventually worsen their pain. Make sure to consume enough fluids which will help you in staying active throughout the day. 

4. Dress warmly: Keeping your joints warm during the winter can be the best solution to deal with arthritis pain. Wear warm clothes and make sure to double-layer your joints. Try placing hot water bags on your joints. 

5. Sleep schedule: Due to their busy schedule, people nowadays ignore their sleep cycle. Managing your sleep schedule is also a very important thing when it comes to pain. Getting less sleep can increase your pain. However, make sure that you have a restful night of sleep.

6. Weight: Weight creates stress on your joints. It also plays a very important role in managing the pain in your joints. More the weight, more the stress on the joints. If you are overweight, try losing weight which will help in low stress on the joints and eventually provide you relief from pain. 

7.  Warm Bath: Warm water is always beneficial when it comes to pain. We have usually seen people giving us such advice if we are suffering from any kind of joint pain. The same applies to arthritis as well. You can have warm water baths, use hot water bags in the area, or even swim in a heated pool. Make sure, you don’t go in cold water right after having a warm bath. 

8. Intake of Vitamin D: Intake of vitamin D becomes less during winter due to a fall in temperature. You can have vitamin D supplements as you are less likely to get them from a natural source.

Composed by: “Dr. Umesh Shetty, Director, AXIS Multispeciality Hospital Mumbai and Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mumbai.”

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