The articles available on this website have been taken from various issues of our InnoHEALTH magazine.

Needle Free Diabetes Care

A transdermal biosensor that reads blood analytes through the skin without drawing blood is what the company is aiming for.

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Mediatesk Sensio-Biosensor Solution to Health Monitoring

MediaTek Sensio, health monitoring solution | Easy to track heart rate information, peripheral oxygen levels, blood pressure trends & more.

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Foreign Tourists Rallying for Healthcare

A film on Medical Tourism has been produced in association with BBC and is used at various fora for promotional purposes.

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Contracting Lifestyle Disease in Adulthood

A recent study has found that children are at risk of contracting lifestyle diseases in adulthood with waistlines which are more than half their height.

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Monkeys go for Spa therapy

Monkeys go to Spa therapy to fight weather stress, WHAT ABOUT YOU? You might be virtually on frypan in scorching summer

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Cover Your Ears on Public Transport

The study is the first to look at and quantify the number of noise people is exposed to, during their daily commute on the Toronto Transit System.

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Press Release: The Book Awarded as Shingo Publication Award 2018

A Book “Innovations in Healthcare Management”, written by Dr. VK Singh and Paul Lillrank respectively, awarded as Shingo publication award 2018.

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Difference Between Pranayama and Breathing

Pranayama and Breathing I agree everybody knows how to breathe, even a newborn child. Still, these days most of us Read more

Yoga Mojo Going Viral – Meditation in India

For ages, we are taught to practice yoga and meditation in India and people do that at many places and Read more